Planning & Development Information - 2017 Responsible Growth and Transit-Oriented Development Program

Last Updated: 6/24/2017

2017 Responsible Growth and Transit-Oriented Development Program

Phase 1 Colonel Ledyard Highway Improvements (Route 117 to Gallup Hill Road)

This project will modify the roadway width to accommodate full bike lanes in both directions. The bike lanes will be striped 4’ wide where no curbs or vertical obstructions exist, and 5’ wide where curbs or obstructions are present. The town recently resurfaced the existing roadway, the new bike lanes will be keyed into the existing pavement, for a complete uniform finish. A 5’ wide concrete sidewalk will be built along the north side of the roadway. The rural/suburban setting does not necessitate sidewalks on both sides of the road. The north side was chosen because of the direct connection to the High School, businesses and Ledyard Center all being on the north side. New ADA crosswalks will be added at all intersections to facilitate safe passage. This is the first phase of a multi-phase project which will extend the bike lanes and sidewalk south connecting additional neighborhoods, eventually all the way to the Town boundary with Groton.

2017 Application TOD Application

Colonel Ledyard Hwy_Grant_Concept Plans_Phase 1

Our 2017 TOD application was submitted on June 23, 2017