Planning & Development Information - 2017 STEAP Application

Last Updated: 4/17/2017

2017 STEAP Application

Town Center: Extension of Fairway Drive-Public Improvements

The purpose of our project is to enhance the aesthetic and economic character of Ledyard Town Center by completing Fairway Drive from its existing “dead end” terminus  to Route 117 (Colonel Ledyard Highway). This will in effect create a “loop road” for Route 117 and open up 50± acres in Ledyard Center for development and redevelopment. The project has been planned for many years and in conjunction with previous and current projects to construct a new police station in the center, construct streetscape improvements and the possible closing of Ledyard Center School becomes a critical step in the creation of a true town center in Ledyard.

Master/Vision Plan

The extension and completion of Fairway Drive allows for the construction of a dense multi-use development within walking distance of Ledyard Center. The public investment in the project has the potential to spur development of 25 new structures with approximately 161,000 square feet of commercial space and up to 322,000 square feet of residential space. The development is organized around a central green space which would provide passive and active recreational opportunities to all residents while also providing communal stormwater and subsurface sanitary treatment facilities. The development would consist of narrow traffic lanes with on-street parking and wide sidewalks with streetscape amenities. All buildings front directly onto the sidewalk creating a very pedestrian friendly environment. In addition, the development is connected via a pedestrian walkway through the existing Town Green to the heart of Ledyard Center and the existing pedestrian and streetscape improvements that were just recently completed.

2017 Application & Narrative
Vision/Master Plan
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Town Center Report

Our 2017 STEAP application was submitted on April 17, 2017