Planning & Development Information - 2012 STEAP Application

Town Center Improvements

The purpose of this project is to enhance the aesthetic and economic character of Ledyard Town Center.  The funds sought for this project will be used for the construction of streetscape amenities & improvements throughout the center of Ledyard Center.  The project area will consist of Zones 4, 5 & 6 of the attached Vision Plan for Ledyard Center (Ledyard Center Conceptual Plan Cost Areas). 
Zone 4 – Town Green Phase 2 will consists of completion of the Town Green including: a new stage/ community theater, new parking paving and curbing, lighting, upgraded power services to facilitate large events, new soil, lawn & irrigation, trees & plantings, reconfigured walking track and a new expanded crosswalk to facilitate safe access to the Green. 
Zone 5 – School Improvements will expand/continue the streetscape initiated at the Town Green, and consists of: street trees and stone walls along the frontage of the school. 
Zone 6 – Town Hall Improvements will consist of: a new street-side plaza with stone walls, lights, benches, and plantings & trees.  Additionally, the streetscape will be continued along the western edge of Rte 117 by reducing excess pavement, defining/narrowing driveway entrances and adding new sidewalks and street trees.
When complete, this project will connect all municipally owned properties within the center of Town with a continuous improved streetscape including stone walls, street trees and sidewalks. 

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