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Last Updated:May 26, 2016

Revised 2016 Main Street Investment Fund Application

2016 Cover Letter and Application
2016 Project Information
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Other Items are the same as 2014

Our 2014 Project Was Not Funded.

Main Street Investment Fund Application
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4. Project Information (Excerpt)


The portion of Route 12 located in Ledyard parallels the Thames River estuary in the southeastern part of the state and is bordered by Preston and Groton. The northern half of the U.S. Submarine Base is located in Ledyard on the west side of Route 12. Although major employers located within and near the community include Dow Chemical and Foxwoods, a majority of Ledyard’s working population commutes to businesses located in Norwich, New London and Groton. Route 12 is a major artery for this commute. Route 12 is characterized by single-family housing, separated by forested areas, rocky slopes, and businesses. Businesses along Route 12 include major concerns like Dow Chemical, offices and small concerns.

For most of its five and one-half miles through Ledyard, Route 12 consists of two 12-foot travel lanes, each having an 8-foot paved shoulder. Occasionally, particularly at major intersections, the shoulder areas may serve as through lanes or right-turn lanes. However, the highway right-of way varies between 100 and 120 feet wide for most of its length in Ledyard and is considerably wider than that in several locations.

For many years, the condition and viability of the Route 12 Corridor has been a topic and concern of the community. That concern is principally embodied in the 2001 Tri-Committee Report on the Development of Route 12. This project would use MSIF funding to implement the findings of the Report in the Gales Ferry section of the Route 12 corridor. Combined with the recent development of a CVS in the area and a commitment by Riverside Mall, Inc. to invest over $500,000 in the next three years in their property at 1666 Route 12 provides a really opportunity to make progress in achieving the objectives of the 2001 Tri-Committee Report.

The Project

THE PROJECT: The village of Gales Ferry has seen little economic growth or development in the last 25 years. The infrastructure, both public and private, is antiquated and very unsightly. The funds from this grant would be used to rehabilitate the streetscape for the core of the village, and transform it into a vibrant, pedestrian friendly economic center.

Much of the development of Gales Ferry happened in the car centric 1970’s. It consists of long strip mall style buildings set far off the road with excessive amounts of paved parking and no trees, sidewalks or pedestrian amenities. This project removes unnecessary pavement and replaces it with sidewalks, community plazas, trees, lighting, lawn and lush landscaping. The visual and experiential transformation will be dramatic.

The village has ample existing building space that is vacant due to businesses relocating to more modern centers outside of town. The existing building stock is ideal for small “mom & pop” style business, as the buildings are broken up into small individual units. Additionally CT Route 12 also runs through the center of the village providing abundant visibility to all users traveling to or from I95. This transformation will lead small businesses back to the village center, and revive it into a vibrant village center.

The plan also includes many details to create & strengthen the sense of place of Gales Ferry. Details and history unique to the village of Gales Ferry have been brought to the forefront to celebrate the village, educate users and turn it into a destination instead of a thoroughfare.

The residential district of the village is less than 1000 feet from the commercial center, yet due to the fact that there are no sidewalks, trees or lighting, people do not walk to/or around town to get their needs. A large component of this plan is to transform the village into a walkable center that connects the post office, community center, churches, banks and commercial businesses with the quaint historic residential neighborhoods that surrounds it.

The effectiveness of this grant will be amplified by a partnership with the largest landowner/business in the village. This business has agreed to invest $500,000 of private money to upgrade the appearance of their building and site. When combined cohesively with this grant, the village will undergo a significant dollar transformation.

Perspective With Route 12 Island and Street Plantings

Preliminary Cost Estimates; Costs by Area

Route 12 (Gales Ferry) Improvements

The Town is preparing an application to fund improvements along the Route 12 Corridor. The Main Street Investment Fund is a new State program aimed at fostering vibrant town and neighborhood centers. Ledyard can apply for up to $500,000 for improvements including streetscape and other visible upgrades. There are a variety of program requirements, however, this is a unique opportunity to achieve long standing community goals.
Building on the Tri-Committee Route 12 Development Report and the Route 12 Corridor Study (available here), the Town is working with Kent+Frost to develop a viable program of improvements that can be achieved with grant funding. On August 9, 2012, the Economic Development Commission (EDC) reviewed the initial concept plans prepared by the consultant (part 1 and part 2). It is important to note that this effort is a conceptual overview and reflects the goals and objectives of previous studies and plans. Implementation of the depicted plan will require a partnership between property owners, the State and our community. A final decision on the exact scope of the improvements to be applied for will be made based on public comment and input.

A key criteria of the grant application is demonstration of community and business input. During the week of August 26, 2012, the Mayor's Office and EDC will be working to set up opportunities for property owners and the public to review and comment on the plans.

If you have questions or comments please email to planner@ledyardct.org.