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Information on the 7/7/2011 Planning Commission Meeting

INFORMATION & STAFF COMMENTS - Next Meeting Date: August 4, 2011

Special Meeting Agenda-6.30 at 719 Colonel Ledyard Highway

Regular Meeting

Communication Items:

Request For Extension Ap#517 • Granted Extension
Memo Concerning Sablewoods Subdivision Bond (Ap#387))
DECD Affordable Housing Request w/current data

Application #518; Proposed Subdivision at 719 Colonel Ledyard Hightway, Brian R. & Bernadine R. Bennet (owner), 2-Lot Subdivision of 19.4 acres. Zone LCVD 1 & LCVD 3


Document Library

Fee: $460
Date of Receipt: June 2, 2011
65 Days From DOR: August 6, 2011

Staff Comments:

CGS 8-25 provides for the waiver of open space requirements when a lot is created for a familiy member. Wih Ap#514 the Commission include the following language as a condition of approval:

"Open Space: a fee inlieu of open space shall be due in the event the lot is sold within 5 years to other than family members in the amount of 10% of 1.5 acres as valued by the tax assessor's field card." (The lot being created is 2.97± acres.)


The applicant has requested two waivers: Section 5.6 would require the installation of sidewalks in connection with the subdivision. The scale of this development and the steep grade, which would have to be overcome, mitigate against the requirement. The State ROW appears wide enough to accommodate sidewalks, however, at this time, it seems hard to justify the cost to the owner as related to the creation of one lot.

Section 5.5A requires that shared driveways be 15 feet wide. The existing driveway is approximately 12 feet wide and abuts a wetland area. The 12 foot driveway seems workable for two homes.

Should the subdivision be approved, prior to filing the applicant will have to provide easement documents for the use and maintenance of the shared driveway.

Should the subdivision be approved, the monumentation will have to be installed or bonded prior to the filing.

Discussion Zoning Regulation and Map Update


Acknowledge receipt of any new subdivision applications:

Re-Subdivision; 2 Lots at 6 Lucienne Way (includes 11 LucienneWay), Babcock Re-Subdivision, Clinton Babcock & Kimberly Gauthier (owners), 2-lot re-subdivision of 11.6 acres, Zone: R-60

11 Lucienne Way


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