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Information on the 7/19/2012 Planning Commission Meeting

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Special Meeting 6/19/12
Public Hearing 6/19/2012 (Ap#525)

Public Hearing 6/19/2012 (Ap#526)

Communication Items:

Ap#523 (98 Stoddards Wharf)-Request for extension to file mylars (Current: 8/7/2012; w/ext 9/7/2012)

Subdivision Regulation; "Open Space Subdivision"

Fee: NA
Date of Recept: 11/3/2011
65 Days From Receipt: NA
Scheduled Hearing Date: 1/5/2012
35 Days from Scheduled Hearing Date: NA

Proposed Regulation (initial)

Proposed Regulation (as amended)

Document Library

Approved at June 19, 2012, The Commission needs to set an effective date (suggest August 9, 2012)
Set Effective Date: August 9, 2012

Application #526: Proposed Re-Subdivision at Map 83, Block 2715, Lot 10 (10 Wolf Ridge Gap), Sandra L. Reynolds (owner), Peter C. Gardner (surveyor), 2 Lot Re-subdivision of 11.47 acres, R-40”

Hearing Continued from June 19, 2012

Fee: $860
Date of Recept: 4/19/2012
65 Days From Receipt: 6/23/2012
Scheduled Hearing Date:6/6/2012
35 Days from Scheduled Hearing Date: 7/12/2012 (Extension Granted)

Document Library

Items To be consider should the Commission consider action:
• monumentation should be inplace prior to filing
• prior to filing the applicant will provide a shared driveway agreement/easement for the use and maintenance of the shared driveway
• e & s measures should be inplace prior to construction

Waiver Request
Approved with Conditions

Approved Subdivision #525: Re-Subdivision at Map 25, Block 120, Lot 85 (85 Avery Hill Road), Bittersweet Land Development (owner), Peter C. Gardner (applicant), 9 Lot Re-subdivision of 52 acres, RM-40

Establish bond for monumentation •letterdrawing

Preliminary Review- Update from 3/1/2012 Review Proposed re-subdivision at Map 48; Block 400, Lot 16 (16 Cedar Ridge), Dow Chemical (owner), Peter Gardner (applicant), 16-lot re-subdivision of 29.4± acres.  An R-40 zone.

Drawings: Sheet 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Discussion: CT Draft Location Guide Map OPM Site

Acknowledge receipt of any new subdivision applications:


We welcome your comments and suggestions. Contact: planner@ledyardct.org