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Information on the 6/3/2010 Planning Commission Meeting



4/15/2010 Regular Meeting
5/6/2010 Regular Meeting
Public Hearing Minutes 5/6/2010 10 Lorenz
Public Hearing Minutes 5/6/2010 463 Pumpkin Hill

Communication Items:

•Letter Dated 5/10/2010 Request for 5 Year Extension; Ap#461 680 Colonel Ledyard Highway
(added to agenda; extension approved with condition concerning adequacy of bond)
•Zoning Referral Dated 6/3/2010; Text Amendment; Sec 3; Affordable Housing
Commission will review at next meeting.(Zoning Application Ap#3327)Response To Zoning Commission
•Email dated 5/18/2010; Issue involving 339 Shewville Road
•Zoning Referral Dated 5/10/2010; Text Amendment, Sec. 13.3
Commission voted to indicate consistancy with POCD and recommend clarification of units per acre and parking requirement.
•Memos Related to Cedar Ridge Status Added to agenda,
Commission voted to grant waiver under Ordinance 7 for Map 62; Block 400; Lots 4, 6 & 8.
•Letters dated 5/11/2010 (Robert Burns) and 5/26/2010 (Eric Treaster) related to Zoning Enforcement

Ap# 513; Victoria S. Crawford, Applicant/Owner; Proposed 3 lot re-subdivision of 463 Pumpkin Hill Road, 7.69± acres, R-60 zone.

Date of Receipt: April 15, 2010
Peliminary Review Date: March, 4, 2010
Date of Receipt plus 65 Days: June 19, 2010
Start of Hearing: May 6, 2010
35 Days from Hearing Start: June 10, 2010
Fee: $860.00

Aerial Map
Document Library
Revised Drawings: (5/4/2010) 1 of 2; 2 of 2 (The revisions, primarily, include additional notes and drive way details to address staff comments.)

Public Hearing Continued to June 3, 2010

Request To Withdraw

Preliminary Review: proposed 10 lot re-subdivision of 41 Iron Street, an R-40 zone.
The Commission previously reviewed a withdrawn re-subdivision for a portion of this property. At that time, there was a discussion of a "free split" and the development of a conservation subdivision. This proposal encompasses the entire property creating Lot 10, which the developer has indicated that in the future, he will apply for the previously reviewed plan. This is a conventional subdivision application ,with multiple access points.

Staff Comments: On June 3 a preliminary staff review had the following recommendations:

•The Commission and applicant should consider developing the property as a conservation subdivision
•The open space provided, location, access and viability for public use raises questions
•Should Lot 10 not be developed as currently envisioned the viability of the open space provided becomes more questionable
•The plan should indicate frontage and rear lots
•The frontage for Lot 5 may be problematic
•The applicant should discuss open space with the Conservation Commission
•A site walk may be appropriate

Preliminary Review: proposed 10 lot re-subdivision of 257 Haley Road (126R Lambtown Road), an R-60 zone.
The re-subdivision impacts three existing lots and contains 3 shared driveways. As depicted on the preliminary drawing, the shared driveway created on and adjacent to existing lot 127-1190-126 is within 25 feet of the existing driveway. This lot also contains two residential uses (existing non-conforming).
Items the Commission may want to consider include: all proposed driveways should be perpendicular to their access street; open space is in two parcels, drainage easements across lots will likely be required.
The lot layout has been developed to retain and utilize existing stone walls. For Lots 3, 4 and 5 this means that the shared driveway is not along the property line and splits a portion of the lot.

Staff Comment: A revised plan was received 6/3/2010 and has not been reviewed

Referal From Zoning Commission Ap#3331; Zoning Text Amendment Sec. 13.3 (Apartments/Condominiums)

Zoning Application

This text amendment's aim appears to be to allow for the construction of affordable housing, at incresed density by a nonprofit entity. The maximum number of units per building is increased from 8 to 32, under specific circumstances; the minimum, habitable living area is reduced to 540 SF for a one bedroom unit; and provides flexibility in determining parking requirements.

Reponse to Zoning Commission

Approved Sudivision Application 492 (Hyman; 341 Shewville Road)

This 3 lot subdivision was approved in 2007 and currently a homes on two of the lots are nearing completion. Drainage concerns were raised by lot owners and on May 27, 2009 a meeting was held on site with Steve Masalin and the owners. A solution to the drainage issue was agreed upon; however, questions concerning the completion of the shared driveway and the potential for future drainage issues remains. The file and recent efforts indicate that the initial developer (applicant) has not been available for some time. The Town holds a $23,500 bond to insure completion of the driveway. Attorney Landolina has been contacted on the potential and process of "calling" the bond. (email from Jim & Linda Abbiati)

Commission authorized staff to begin the process to call the site bond.

Acknowlege Receipt of Subdivision Applications

Ap# 514; Victoria S. Crawford, Applicant/Owner; Proposed 2 lot re-subdivision of 463 Pumpkin Hill Road, 7.69± acres, R-60 zone.

This is a resubmission of the withdrawn application; reducing the number of lots to two. The Commission prior to acceptance must act on any fee adjustment for the resubmittal.

Application fee to be cost for advertising. Publicv hearing scheduled for 15 July 2010 meeting.

We welcome your comments and suggestions. Contact: ckarn@town.ledyard,ct.us