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4/15/2010 Regular Meeting

Approval Deferred To Next Meeting.

Ap# 512; Kevin Fournier, Applicant/KRF Realty, LLC ,Owner; Proposed 2 lot re-subdivision of 10 Lorenz Parkway, 3.27± acres, CIP zone.

Date of Receipt: April 15, 2010
Preliminary Review Date: March, 4, 2010
Date of Receipt plus 65 Days: June 19, 2010
Start of Hearing: May 6, 2010
35 Days from Hearing Start: June 10, 2010
Fee: $860.00

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Discussion from minutes of March 4, 2010:

Discussion: The wet land commission has reviewed and approved the proposal.  Because this is a re-subdivision, a public hearing will be required including notification to the Groton utility (because of the proximity to the reservoir).  Also Peter stated that possibly an open space waiver would be submitted because there is no adjoining land that could be made into open space which includes wet lands that are on both the east and north side of the proposed lot. Questions from the commissioners on whether the wet land buffers could be considered open space.  Mike Cherry recommended to Pete Gardener to work this out with the town planner including whether we need to consider that open space is even required.  The POCD requires that the commissioners consider all proposals for open space and that part of the benefit of the POCD is so that development may take place.  Finally, the full submittal needs to include the text amendment of the zoning regulations.

Staff Comment: The application appears to meet the requirements of the Subdivision Regulations. The applicant has verbally agreed to increase the side setback to 12 feet and the location of the existing septic system on Lot 10 has been verified. The last remaining issue for the Commission's consideration is how to deal with open space.


Ap# 513; Victoria S. Crawford, Applicant/Owner; Proposed 3 lot re-subdivision of 463 Pumpkin Hill Road, 7.69± acres, R-60 zone.

Date of Receipt: April 15, 2010
Peliminary Review Date: March, 4, 2010
Date of Receipt plus 65 Days: June 19, 2010
Start of Hearing: May 6, 2010
35 Days from Hearing Start: June 10, 2010
Fee: $860.00

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Revised Drawings: (5/4/2010) 1 of 2; 2 of 2 (The revisions, primarily, include additional notes and drive way details to address staff comments.)

Discussion from Minutes of March 4, 2010:

James Bernardo made the presentation.  This proposal is a re-subdivision which will require a public hearing.  The property used to be a resort and the proposal is a 3 lot re-subdivision.   On lot one there is an old pool house.  Building set backs will need to be considered. There was considerable discussion on the somewhat irregular lot  line boundary proposals.  Also the plans need to show the proposed structure locations.  The total lot size is 8 acres which requires open space of 1 acre.  The proposal would set aside land for use as farming and horse riding which if given to Avalonia would need an agreement in writing from Avalonia stating this intent.  The proposal also requires the present value of the 8 acres.  James stated that a fee in lieu of open space would not be feasible.  It is recommended before final submittal that the developer get with the conservation and open space committee to discuss the open space proposal including any required easements.

Staff Comment: The division of land appears to meet Town Subdivision Regulations, however there are several issues which the Commission should review and consider.

•The actual lot lines have been revised from the preliminary plan to present more "regularly shaped lots", however, the Commission may want the applicant to comment on the lot configurations.

•The plans have been revised to reflect the Town Engineer's comments; new aprons have been depicted on the plans.

•The status of several structures on the property are in question. Correspondence from both Att. Landolino and Scott Duffus address issues of structures, fencing and use. All these issues will need to be resolved prior to approval.

•The farm use is relatively intense and the horses will have the tendency to reduce vegetative cover on the land. The applicant should address potential drainage and runoff issues.

•.The applicant has requested a waiver of open space under CGS 8-25. The Commission may consider establishing a condition which addresses slaes of the new lots outside the parameters of CGS 8-25. For example: Should the property be sold to other than a family member during the five years following the filing of the mylars of the re-subdivision with the Town Clerk, the Commission reserve the right to require a payment in lieu of open space as described in the Subdivision Regulations. (This type of condition should be reviewed by our attorney for content and enforceability.)

Public Hearing Continued to June 3, 2010

Preliminary Review: proposed 10 lot re-subdivision of 257 Haley Road (126R Lambtown Road), an R-60 zone.
The re-subdivision impacts three existing lots and contains 3 shared driveways. As depicted on the preliminary drawing, the shared driveway created on and adjacent to existing lot 127-1190-126 is within 25 feet of the existing driveway. This lot also contains two residential uses (existing non-conforming).
Items the Commission may want to consider include: all proposed driveways should be perpendicular to their access street; open space is in two parcels, drainage easements across lots will likely be required.
The lot layout has been developed to retain and utilize existing stone walls. For Lots 3, 4 and 5 this means that the shared driveway is not along the property line and splits a portion of the lot.

Staff Comment: The potential applicant was unable to meet with the Conservation Commission April and will attend their next meeting. He has, again asked that the review be postponed.

Postponed until June meeting

Referral pusuant to Section 8-24 CGS:

Continuation of School Asbestos Removal Program

Recommend Approval

Hivnor vs. Ledyard Planning Commission

Proposed Stipulation & View Easement

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At the November 6, 2008 Planning Commission meeting, Ap#500, 4-lot re-subdivision of 22.24 acres, 369 Shewville Road, (R60) was approved with conditions. The applicant appealed the condition:

"5. Convey the open space to the Town with the Commission's recommendation to maintain the open space in it's natural state."

Stipulation Approved

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