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Information on the 5/3/2012 Planning Commission Meeting

INFORMATION & STAFF COMMENTS - Next Meeting Date: June 7, 2012
Last Updated: 5/4/2012


Regular Meeting 4/19/12
Public Hearing 4/19/2012 (Ap#525)

Communication Items:

Ledgelight Health District Letter Concerning Vending
Clear Webinar-ArcGIS
CLEAR May Worshops

Application #525: Proposed Re-Subdivision at Map 25, Block 120, Lot 85 (85 Avery Hill Road), Bittersweet Land Development (owner), Peter C. Gardner (applicant), 9 Lot Re-subdivision of 52 acres, RM-40” (Discussion & Possible Action) Continued Hearing to June 7. 2012 (extension granted)

Fee: $860
Date of Recept: 2/2/2012
65 Days From Receipt: 4/7/2012 Extension Requested/Granted
Scheduled Hearing Date 4/19/2012:
35 Days from Scheduled Hearing Date: 5/24/2012

Document Library

Subdivision Regulation; "Open Space Subdivision" Tabled

Fee: NA
Date of Recept: 11/3/2011
65 Days From Receipt: NA
Scheduled Hearing Date: 1/5/2012
35 Days from Scheduled Hearing Date: NA

Proposed Regulation

Document Library

Zoning Referral: Zone Change, Zoning Ap# 3617; Proposal to rezone a three acre part of 1772A Route 12, abutting 8 Cedar Ridge and 16 Cedar Ridge from Industrial" to Residential (R-40) Endorsed

Legal Notice
Application & Transmittal
Zone Change Map

Acknowledge receipt of any new subdivision applications:

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