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Information on the 4/7/2011 Planning Commission Meeting

INFORMATION & STAFF COMMENTS - Next Meeting Date: May 5, 2011

Agenda ; Amended Agenda

3/3/2011 Regular Meeting

Communication Items:

Letter from Mr. Anthony Silvestri; 4/5/2011 concerning Ap# 515
email from Steve Masilin 4/5/2011

CLEAR: Land Use Academy

Referral: Town of Ledyard Zoning Text Amendement-Ap#3435: Sections 12.3.2 Definitions; Section 12.3.3 General Provisions; Section Specific Standards; add Sections 12.3.7 and 12.3.8. All related to flood protection

Proposed Text Amendment

Referral: 8-24: Lease to allow the placement of antennas on Ledyadr Center Water Tower

 Transmittal & Proposed Lease
Photo 1; Photo 2; Photo 3; Photo 4

Referral: Stonington Zoning Text Amendment-PZ1105RA 60 Willow Street, LLC

Proposed Text Amendment

Discussion: Open space Subdivision

Letter From Atty. Heller
Initial Discussion Document (Section 4.9)
Link to open space document Newtown, CT

Discussion: Combined Planning & Zoning Commission

Draft Ordinance

Acknowledge receipt of any new subdivision applications.

We welcome your comments and suggestions. Contact: ckarn@town.ledyard,ct.us