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1/6/2011 Regular Meeting
Ap#517 Public Hearing Minutes 1/6/2011

Communication Items:

Letter From CTDEP Regarding Flood Protection Zone 1/14/2011
Memo from Eric Treaster regarding 83 Inchcliffe 1/28/2011

Conservation Subdivision Application #517: proposed 13 lot subdivision of 257 Haley Road (126R Lambtown Road), an R-60 zone

Closed hearing 2/3/2011

Continued Hearing From 1/6/2011

Date of Receipt: 11/4/2010
Peliminary Review Date: 5/6/2010
Date of Receipt plus 65 Days: January 8, 20100
Start of Hearing: 12/4/2010
35 Days from Hearing Start: 1/8/2010; 35 Day Extension Granted: 2/12/2011
Hearing Closed: February 3, 2011
65 Days from Close of Hearing: April 9, 2011

Document Library

Comments (2/3/2011): Updated with Atty. Landolina's 1/31/2011 email

Comments (1/31/2011): The applicant has requested the following waivers (Exhibit X):

Section 5.5(b): The subdivision proposes to use an existing driveway which currently serves an existing home on Lot 126 R which is not included in the subdivision.

Section 4.8.9: The alternative plan will provide access to seven lots by a common driveway.

Section 4.3.5: Relates to the "stacking" of lots.

Comments (1/5/2011): The applicant has submitted revised documents and plans, including an alternative design with the existing shared drive way serving 7 lots (including 126R); a document discussing potential waivers; and a draft open space deed. The Commission will, likely, want to review these additional documents and allow the public and staff time to review. It may be prudent to continue the public hearing, which would require a time extension from the applicant.

Comments (12/2/2010): The applicant has submitted property history information, including a drawing and related deeds. The status of Lot 126R will have to be explained by the applicant. This is a rear lot and regulations require that it have frontage. The Zoning Enforcement Officer has revised his comments. The issue of lot size has been resolved, however, other issues need to be addressed and in particular the applicant will have to discuss the "nesting" or stacking of lots in connection with Section 4.3.5 of the Subdivision Regulations. Sight lines and driveway access on Haley Road will require review.

Comments (11/1/2010): Applicant needs to provide additional data. Applicant email 11/4/2010

Comments From Preliminary Review: The subdivision impacts three existing lots and contains 3 shared driveways. As depicted on the preliminary drawing, the shared driveway created on and adjacent to existing lot 127-1190-126 is within 25 feet of the existing driveway. This lot also contains two residential uses (existing non-conforming).
Items the Commission may want to consider include: all proposed driveways should be perpendicular to their access street; open space is in two parcels, drainage easements across lots will likely be required.
The lot layout has been developed to retain and utilize existing stone walls. For Lots 3, 4 and 5 this means that the shared driveway is not along the property line and splits a portion of the lot.

Site walk held for November 13, 2010 at 8:00 AM (No Quorum)

Peliminary Review Proposed 21-lot subdivision, 423 Colonel Ledyard Highway; R-60

GIS View of Property
ZEO Analysis
CLA Preliminary Review

Bond Release: Subdivision #463; Childley Subdivision, 165 Spicer Hill Road, ($210.000)

Bond Correspondence (1/2/2007)
Release Request
Release Certification
email from Town Engineer

Voted to retain $37,000 maintenance bond

2012-2017 CIP

Bond Release: Subdivision #505; Tradewinds Terrace, 137 Whalehead Drive, ($5,000)

Related Minutes (8/6/09)
Recent lot merger deleted bonded improvements
email from Town Engineer

Voted to release bond

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