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Information on the 11/3/2011 Planning Commission Meeting

INFORMATION & STAFF COMMENTS - Next Meeting Date: December 1, 2011;
Last Updated: 11/7/2011


Regular Meeting 10/6/11
Public Hearing !0/6.2011 (Baldwin Ridge)

Communication Items:

Ap# 518 - Request For Extension For Filing Mylars Extension Granted
Utility Easement - Gas Line at 1854 Route 12 (Middle School & Juliet Long)
8-24 approval
Transmittal of Open Space Subdivision Amendment
Hearing Scheduled for January

Subdivision #520; Baldwin Ridge Industrial Park; 32.4 acres; 5 Lots, Zoned CIP, Map 134, Block 140, Lot 1322, Owner: B&R Holdings, LLC. Hearing continied to December 1, 2011 (extension granted)

Fee: $1,060
Date of Recept: 9/15/2011
65 Days From Receipt: 11/19/2011
Scheduled Hearing Date: 10/6/2011
35 Days from Scheduled Hearing Date: 11/10/2011

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The hearing was continued to the 11/3/2011 meeting to resolve drainage and open space issues. New drawings are anticpate.

Re-Subdivision #521: 770 Long Cove Road; 2 Lots; Owner: Dorothy Santin Atkinson, Trustee of the Dorothy Santin Atkinson Revocable Trust, 201 Acres, R-60 Approved with Conditions

Decision Letter

Fee: $860
Date of Recept: 10/6/2011
65 Days From Receipt: 12/10/2011
Scheduled Hearing Date: 11/3/2011
35 Days from Scheduled Hearing Date: 12/8/2011

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Waiver of open space requirement requested

Referral From Zoning Commission: Ap#3561: Text Amendment Section 13.12 Country Inn

Acknowledge receipt of any new subdivision applications:

Re-Subdivision; Chriwood 1V Resubdivision; 2.76 acres; 2 Lots, Zoned R-60, Map 139, Block 480, Lot 40, Owner: Green Falls Associates, LLC. Scheduled Hearing for Dec 1, 2011

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