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Information on the 3/4/2010 Planning Commission Meeting


Application #510: 41 Iron Street (Via Verde)
18 Lot Conservation Subdivision on 25.1± Acres; Zone: R-40
Date of Receipt: 11/5/2009 Plus 65 Days: 1/9/2010
Extension Granted: (35 Days): February 13, 2010
Start of Hearing: 2/4/10; 35 Days from Start of Hearing: 3/11/10

Since the hearing was opened on February 4, 2010, it has been determined that the property is not entitled to a “free split” .

Comment: The applicant has had several conversations with staff concerning the best way to move forward. As it stands now, the current application can either be withdrawn or it must be denied. The applicant would like to submit two new re-subdivision applications, a conventional two lot subdivision and a conservation subdivision consistent with this current application. His hope is that the Commission will consider the proposals simultaneously and that the Commission will grant some consideration on the fees for the new conservation subdivision application.
Issues which the Commission will have to consider with the new applications include: the open space requirement for the conventional two lot subdivision and language which the WPCA might want to include as a condition of any approval.

Action: Withdrawn

Proposed Amendment to the Plan of Conservation & Development. Open Space Preservation & Management Plan.
The proposed amendment has been submitted to the regional planning agency and the Town’ legislative body and the Commission. It has been extensively vetted and its history goes back many years.

Final Open Space Preservation & Management Plan 11-20-08

Action: Approved

Preliminary Review: Proposed two lot re-subdivision of 10 Lorenz Parkway, CIP zone.
The proposal appears to meet bulk requirements of the Zoning Regulations. Issues which the Commission may want to consider include: the preliminary plan indicates existing structure and facilities as proposed; a current, A-2 survey will be required with the re-subdivision application; the open space requirements need to be addressed.

Preliminary Review: proposed 3 lot re-subdivision of 463 Pumpkin Hill Road, an R-60 zone.
The proposal divides an existing farm with residence into three lots comprised of, practically, the existing house, a separate building lot and the farm. The lot layout has been designed to maximize the area of the farm and is somewhat irregular.
Historically, the farm, which boards and raises horses, has generated some concerns from neighbors. Questions concerning the number of horses stabled at the farm, drainage, dust and erosion concerns have been raised. It appears that various regulatory agencies have reviewed the issues. Also, there is an ongoing issue with the raising of dogs at the residence on the site.
Issues which the Commission and the applicant might wish to consider include: the lot layout; the open space requirement of the regulations, impacts of the proposed re-subdivision on drainage, the impact of the farm operation on neighboring properties, the impact of the re-subdivision on the existing dog raising operation.
There are multiple structures not shown on the preliminary drawing. The impact of these facilities on the proposal is also a concern.

Preliminary Review: proposed 10 lot re-subdivision of 257 Haley Road (126R Lambtown Road), an R-60 zone.
The re-subdivision impacts three existing lots and contains 3 shared driveways. As depicted on the preliminary drawing, the shared driveway created on and adjacent to existing lot 127-1190-126 is within 25 feet of the existing driveway. This lot also contains two residential uses (existing non-conforming).
Items the Commission may want to consider include: all proposed driveways should be perpendicular to their access street; open space is in two parcels, drainage easements across lots will likely be required.
The lot layout has been developed to retain and utilize existing stone walls. For Lots 3, 4 and 5 this means that the shared driveway is not along the property line and splits a portion of the lot.

Update (3/4/2010): The applicant has requested that this item be postponed until the April meeting.

Approved Subdivision # 511: 800 Long Cove Road, 6 lot subdivision of 35.73 acres, an R-60 zone. Request for bond approval.
The Town Engineer has reviewed and approved a bond totaling $52,470.43.

Action: Approved ($70,000)

Approved Subdivision # 466/506: 539 Colonel Ledyard Highway (Lucienne Way), 16-lot subdivision of 49.98 acres, an R-60 zone. Request for bond release.
A $77,000 bond currently exists for this subdivision. In a letter date 1/26/2010, the developer has requested that the bond be reduced to $10,000 to cover work in the Town ROW that can not be completed until Spring. The Town Engineer has accepted the “as-built” drawings and reviewing the
proposed bond reduction. He indicates that a bond reduction to $20,000 is acceptable.

Update (3/4/2010): Lots 11 & 12 have been legally combined and the requirement for a paved shared drive way is no longer applicable.

Action: Approved (reduction to $20,000)

email from Steve Masalin 2/23/2010

Approved Subdivision # 480: Harvard Terrace. 2 lot re-subdivision of 3.18 acres, an R-20 zone. Request for bond release. ($1,450)
The Town Engineer has reviewed his records and indicates that the shared driveway is complete and that he is not aware of anything that would require holding the bond.

Action: Approved ($1,450)

email from Steve Masalin 2/24/10

Capital Improvements Plan: (CIP)
A spreadsheet with the Mayor’s recommend CIP will be transmitted with this report. Also, included will be a listing of original requests.

Mayor's Recommended CIP
Capital Budget Proposals (Summary)

Action: Recommended with a concern that the road allocation be for capital improvements and not maintenance

Hivnor vs. Ledyard Planning Commission
Attorney Avena has requested that this item be placed on the agenda.
Approved Subdivision # 433/508: 165 Spicer Hill Road (Chidley Way) 11 lot resubdivision of 98.77 acres. Acceptance of open space and conservation easement.
The open space dedication has been modified to reflect Army Cop of Engineers comments and the revised subdivision approval. The approval will be subject to document review by the Commission attorney.

Approved Subdivision #379: 151 & 153 Iron Street, 80 lot subdivision of 155.36 acres, an R-40 zone. Bond Release: $107,782
This subdivision has expired. While some of the public infrastructure was begun, no lots were sold. The Town engineer has reviewed the bond release request and has no objection.

Update (3/4/2010): Because of accrued interest in the bond account; the actual funds exceed $130,000.

email from Steve Masalin 2/22/10

Action: Approved (reduction to $0)

Other Items:

Potential Subdivision 429 Colonel Ledyard Highway
Because the Town Engineer owns property which abuts this potential subdivision application, he would like to avoid any appearance of conflict and would like to recuse himself from the review process. In order to complete the review, the Commission will need to hire outside services, which have been estimated, on a preliminary basis. at $5,000-$7,500. While the application has not been submitted yet, we will need to find a mechanism to fund the costs.

email from Steve Masalin 3/1/2010

Acknowledge receipt of any new subdivision applications.

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