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Information on the 8/8/2013 Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting

Next Meeting: 8/22/2013

Last Updated: 8/12/2013


Regular Meeting (7/11/2013)
Special Meeting (7/11/2013)

Communication Items:

Avalonia Invitation to Information Session (9/29/2013)
Request To Set Bond Ap#527 and Recommend Acceptance of Tom Allyn Court; Drawings 1; 2; 3
August 22, 2013
• Ap# 463 & 508 (Chidley Way) Request For Bond Release
August 22, 2013
8/6/2013 Email (Eric Treaster) concerning Non-conforming uses

Potential Change To Section 8.5 Water and Sewage (Subdivision Regulations) (Public Hearing Item) Hearing Closed

6/27/2013 Draft Proposal
Existng 8.5
Draft Change
Excerpt from Groton Regulations
Excerpt from Torrington Regulations
Legal Ad

Potential Zoning Text Amendment: Section 13.1.B (2) "Non-Conforming Uses

The regs have a definition:
CHANGE OF USE, MINOR: A change from a use of a lot to a use listed in Attachment A for the district that will not result in additional dwelling units, additional employees, additional clients or customers, additional floor space, site modification, additional refuse, additional traffic, a change in building footprint, an increase in impermeable surface, or additional parking requirements.
2) A non-conforming use cannot be changed to another non-conforming use, (ADD) “unless it meets the definition as a Minor, Change of Use”

Discussion Item: Potential Zone Change Request 1001R Long Cove Road (RM40 to CIP) & 1009R Long Cove Road (R40 to CIP); Owner: Terra Firma, Inc.

Map; aerial map; zoning map

Preliminary Subdivision Review: 1 Lot Resubdivision of 1902 Center Groton Road; 5.35± Acres, Zoned R60; Owner: Thomas E. Johnson

Drawings: Sheets 1; 2

Acknowledgement of Receipt:

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