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Information on the 8/13/2015 Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting

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Last Updated: 8/25/2015

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CLEAR Webinar "Planning and Zoning in an Aging Connecticut" 9/21/2015

Subdivision Ap# 537, 538 Colonel Ledyard Hwy - 3 lot re-subdivision of approximately 31.38± acres.  Applicant: Cindy Mackin, Owner: Outback Realty, LLC, R-60 Zone


Potential Conditions:

Monumentation or a bond to cover the cost of uncompleted monumentation for the created lots will be in place prior to filing

Prior to the filing of signed subdivision plans in the Ledyard Land Record, legal documents related to the disposition of the proposed open space will be submitted for review and approval by the Planning Commission.

Prior to the filing of signed subdivision plans in the Ledyard Land Record, a draft of language to be included in the deed of any proposed lot to accessed by a shared driveway apron defining maintenance responsibilities for the shared apron.

Ap461: Request for Extension of Time to complete Improvements

Atty Landolina email 7/29/2015


Draft Road Ordinance-6/10/2014
Mark Up of Public Works Director Memo 6/10/2014

GFS Special Permit

12.4 Sand & Gravel Removal
8.2 Accessory Uses
Section 2 Definitions
Change of Use GFDD1
Cover Ap Change of Use
Site Plan
Proposed Zone Change Reuse
Article-Alternative Zoning Techniques

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