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Information on the 7/10/2014 Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting

Next Meeting: 7/24/2014

Last Updated: 7/11/2014

Agenda: Regular Meeting


Communication Items:

447 Pumpkin Hill Road; Subdivision Information

Application #532: 11 Tanager Lane; Irene F. Long, (Owner);Pequot Development Associates (Applicant); 4 lot re-subdivision of 4.375± acres, Zone: R-40

Request For Extension
Email from Atty. Landolina


Legal Ad + 15 days: 4/3/2014
90 Days: 7/2/2014
180 Days: 9/30/2014


Application #534: 669 Shewville Road - 1 lot subdivision of approximately 2.07± acres.  Applicant Boundaries, LLC, agent for Kenneth G. & Brenda L Matteau (Owners),   R-60 Zone

Approved with Conditions

Fee: $260
Date of Recept: 6/26/2014
65 Days From Receipt: 8/30/2014
Scheduled Hearing Date: NA
35 Days from Scheduled Hearing Date: NA


Possible Conditions:

monumentation or a bond to cover the cost of any uncompleted monumentation should be in place prior to filing

e & s measures should be in place prior to construction

Prior to filing, the deeds and related documentation for the ROW land to be granted to the Town will be submitted to the Planning Office and filed

Should the waiver of the fee inlieu of open space not be granted; the fee could be calculated 10% of $78,400 = $784.

Subdivision Ap# 528, Re-Subdivision at 58R Bittersweet Drive, 19 lot re-subdivision of 33.03± acres, Zone RM-40


Request For Bond Release
Town Engineer Memo
2/27/2014 Meeting Info

Subdivision Ap# 533, Subdivision Ap# 533, 1817 Center Groton Road - 2 lot subdivision of approximately 2.84 acres.  Applicant Green Falls Associates, LLC.  R-60 Zone


Request For Bond Release
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Workshop Documents

GFS Special Permit

12.4 Sand & Gravel Removal
8.2 Accessory Uses
Section 2 Definitions
Change of Use GFDD1
Cover Ap Change of Use
Site Plan
Proposed Zone Change Reuse
Article-Alternative Zoning Techniques

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