Planning & Development Information -
Information on the 3/28/2013 Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting

Next Meeting: 4/11/2013

Last Updated: 4/1/2013


Regular Meeting 3/14/13
Public Hearing (Ap#528)

Communication Items:

Article (3/22/2013) East Lyme Zoning

8-24 Referral: Construction of New Police Facility at 737 Colonel Ledyard Hwy. Approved

Site Plan

Potential Change To Section 8.5 Water and Sewage (Subdivision Regulations)

Existng 8.5
Draft Change
Excerpt from Groton Regulations
Excerpt from Torrington Regulations

Application #528: 58 R Bittersweet Drive; Green Falls Associates, LLC (Applicant), Bittersweet Re-Subdivision Section 6, 19 lot re-subdivision of 33.05 acres, Zone: RM-40

Approved with conditions

Fee: $4,810
Date of Recept: 2/14/2013
65 Days From Receipt: 4/20/2013
Scheduled Hearing Date: 3/14/2013 (Cont.to 3/28/2013)
35 Days from Scheduled Hearing Date: 4/18/2013

Documents & Drawings

Potential Conditions of Approval:

1. monumentation or a bond to cover the cost of any uncompleted monumentation should be in place prior to filing

2. e & s measures should be in place prior to construction

3. prior to the sale of lots with frontage on the proposed Stoddards View, it and related public road improvements must be in place, consistent with the Town's Road Ordinance, and approved by the Town Engineer or his agent or with the approval of the Town Engineer or his agent and the Planning Commission a bond must be in place for the construction or completion of the road work.

4. The concerns contained in the Town Engineer's memo of March 13, 2013 must be addressed to his satisfaction prior to filing

5. Prior to filing the "Shared Driveway Agreements" must be reviewed and recorded

Executive Session: Discussion of pending litigation concerning Stonegate Village, 3rd Garden Park,
8-30 G Conversion, Permit #3598

Acknowledgement of Receipt:

Planning & Zoning Reference Information

Fire Cistern Policies: Old Saybrook; Farmington


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