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Regular Meeting 11/1/12

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Land Use Academy Basic (SECCOG)

Preliminary Subdivision Review: 22 Homestead Road, potential three lot subdivision of 24.39 acres, Zoned R-80

The applicant has been pursuing this proposal for a significant amount of time. The property contains two existing multi-family structures (4 units and 3 units). These are existing nonconformining in an R-80 zone. The question as to whether reducing the size of the 24.39± lot through subdivision has been bounced around some (see documents). Mr. Treaster indicated that if the two mult-family buildings were located on a lot of a minimum of 5 acres, it would constitute a reduction in the nonconformity. In my view, to meet the density requirements, the 7 existing units would have to be on a lot of approximately 14 acres (7 times 80,000 SF). In either case, the proposal would work on this issue.

The next principal issue is the shared driveway. Its location, slope and standards need to be reviewed with the applicant.

There is a cemetary on the property and access to it is a concern. Required open space will have to be addressed.


Preliminary Subdivision Review: 1902 Center Groton Road, potential two lot re- subdivision of 5.35 acres, Zoned R-60

Approved re-subdivion #370, created lot 1902 Center Groton Road. As part of that application, the applicant requested a waiver of a non-access line that was established as part of Subdivision # 230. The waiver request included a stipulation that 1902 Center Groton Road would not be further divided.


Executive Session, Pending Claims and Litigation, Third Garden Park LP v. Ledyard Zoning Commission"

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