Planning & Development Information - Subdivision Ap#543

Last Updated: 1/8/2018

Bond Estimate
Shared Driveway Agreement
Deed To Town
Water Main Extension Agreement
Decision Letter

*Document Library: Subdivision Ap# 543, 1066 Long Cove, 18 Lot Subdivision (8-30g); Applicant/Owner: Green Falls Associates, LLC; R-40

*Please note that these documents are for information only; the complete, official application file is available in the Planning Office, Town of Ledyard, 741 Colonel Ledyard Hwy., Ledyard, CT 06339.

Drawings: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Owner Authorization
Fee Receipt
Application & Checklist
Affordablity Plan
Shared Driveway Easement
Conveyance Deed
Engineering/Drainage Report Revised 9/29/2017 Report
CAM ApplicationCAM Plan
Energy Conservation Letter (see drawings)
Property Card
Department Transmittal
Engineering Comments
Wetland Comments
Conservation Commission Memo
ZEO Comments
Ledglight Health District Report
Legal Ad
Flat Brook Abbreviated Watershed-Based Plan 2013
Groton Utilities Site Plan Review Sheet (10/17/2017)
Brenmore v. Lisbon
LLHD Update 6 October 2017
LBM Engineering 9 October 2017
Email_Groton Utilities 10 October 2017
Wetland Review - Ian T. Cole
Sight Line Drawing
Email Transmitting Draft Watermain Extension Agreement