Planning & Development Information - Water Main Ext. to Aljen Heights

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Water Diversion Permit Application (Renewal)
Application; Attachments

Water Supply Plan (7/15/2016)

Ledyard Master Water Plan (rev. 7/15/16) updated version

Water Line As-Built Drawings

Phase 1A As-Builts
Phase 2 As-Builts

Acknowledgement of Project Completion-Booster Pump Station

Budget Revisions

Pump Station Demolition Apprroval DTDPH
Approved Budget Revision w/existing loan amount
Letter and Budget Requesting Increase In Loan Amount
Letter Approving Increase In Loan Agreement

Certified Bond Resolution-Aljen
Certified Bond Resolution-Roads

Redesign and Re-Bid of Booster Pump Station

Pump Station Status Reports

April 4, 2014

DPH Authorization To Award

Bid Results-The Permanent Municipal Building Committee, on June 17, 2013, voted to award to the low bidder, G. Donovan Associates, Inc, North Franklin, CT and to forward to CTDPH for approval.

Plans & Specs submitted to DPH for review:

DPH Pre-BidApproval
DPH Authorization

Letter Listing Changes

Re-bid Cover
Specs Part 1
Specs Part 2
Sheet 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Invitation To Bid (Only one bid submitted in excess of budget)

Construction of Booster Pump Station

Bid 2013-03: There was one bidder, Peter Turello, LLC at $890,707
Turello Bid

Payment Reports

Feb 2013 Payment Summary Report
Feb 2013 Payment Detail Report
May 2013 Payment Summary Report
May 2013 Payment Detail Report
August 2013 Payment Summary Report
August 2013 Payment Detail Report
September 2013 Payment Summary Report
September 2013 Payment Detail Report
October 2013 Payment Summary Report
October 2013 Payment Detail Report
April 2014 Payment Summary Report
April 2014 Payment Detail Report
May 2014 Payment Summary Report
May 2014 Payment Detail Report
July 2014 Payment Summary Report
July 2014 Payment Detail Report
September 2014 Payment Summary Report
September 2014 Payment Detail Report
February 2015 Payment Summary Report (Final)
February 2015 Payment Detail Report (Final)

DPH Payment Requisitions

Req#3; Davis Bacon
Req#9 rev
Req#10 rev

Project Status Reports

Pump Station 7/25/2014
Pump Station 7/11/2014
7/9/2014 Water Is flowing
Pump Station 6/27/2014
Pump Station 6/9/2014
Pump Station 5/23/2014
Pump Station 5/9/2014
Pump Station 4/28/2014
Pump Station 4/18/2014

Week 6-21-2013 (No Activity Phase 1A)
Week 6-21-2013 (Phase 2)
Week 5-24-2013 (No Activity Phase 1A)
Week 5-24-2013 (Phase 2
Week 5-10-2013 (No Activity Phase 1A)
Week 5-10-2013 (Phase 2
Week 5-3-2013
Week 5-3-2013 (Phase 2)
Week 4-26-2013
Week 4-26-2013 (Phase 2)
Week 4-19-2013
Week 4-19-2013 (Phase 2)
Week 4-12-2013
Week 4-12-2013 (Phase 2)
Week 3-29-2013
Week 3-29-2013 (Phase 2)
Week 3-22-2013
Week 3-22-2013 (Phase 2)

Week 9-21-2012
Week 9-28-2012
Week 10-5-2012
Week 10-12-2012
Week 10-22-2102
Week 11-2-2012
Week 11-9-2012
Week 11-16-2012
Week 11-23-2012
Week 11-30-2012
Week 11-30-2012 Phase 2
Week 12-7-2012
Week 12-7-2012 Phase 2
Week 12-14-2012

Current Schedule (9/13/2012)

Engineering Agreement

At its March 6, 2012 meeting, the Permanent Building Committee voted to attempt to negoitiate a contract for post design engineering services with Groton Utilities.

The Request for Qualifications was opened on 12/20/2011 at 2:00 PM. The following firms submitted informtion:

The submittals available here are for information only and may not include all materials submitteed; official copies are available in the Planning Office.

Maguire Group, Inc - Rocky Hill, CT (Part 1; Part 2; Part 3)
Lenard Engineering, Inc - Glastonbury, CT
Nathan L. Jacobson & Associates -Chester, CT
Amory Engineers, PC - Duxbury, MA
United International Corporation - Hartford, CT
Weston & Sampson - Rocky Hill, CT
Wright-Pierce - Middletown, CT
GHD, Inc. - Middletown, CT
TJ Engineering, LLC - Ridgefield, CT
Groton Utilities - Groton, CT

RFQ Legal Ad
Full Request For Qualifications

Permanent Municipal Building Committee
Town of Ledyard, Connecticut

Request for Qualifications-Bid #2012-12
Post-Design Engineering Service In Connection with The Aljen Heights Water Main Extension

The Town of Ledyard, through its Permanent Municipal Building Committee, is accepting qualification statements from professional engineering firms or teams licensed in the State of Connecticut to provide post-design engineering services in connection with the estimated $5.4± million extension of water mains to Aljen Heights.  The project is being funded under the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund.

The firm(s) should be able to demonstrate a successful track record in working on municipal water main projects in Connecticut and knowledge and expertise in relevant regulatory requirements.

Interested firms should submit statements of qualifications (5 copies) to the Mayor’s Office, 741 Colonel Ledyard Highway, Ledyard, CT 06339 no later than 2:00 PM on December 20, 2011. Proposals must be clearly marked “SEALED BID #2012-12, Aljen Heights Engineering”. Additional information and the complete request are available at http://ledyarddevelopment.com/AljenHeight_Water.html or in the Planning Office.

Executed Agreement with Amory Engineers


May 2, 2011, 7:00 PM, Town Council Chambers-Aljen Heights Residents
May 5, 2011, 7:00 PM, Ledyard Center School
May 9, 2011, 6:30 PM, Town Council Chambers, Town Meeting

Draft Presentation

This page contains information related to the potential extension of water service to Aljen Heights. The project has been planned and discussed for many years and recently, the CT. Department of Public Health has contacted the Town with an offer to assist with funding the project through the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF). This would likely include a grant of approximately 20% and a loan of 80%. The estimated construction cost in 2008 was $4,097,000. Cost projections have been updated and the current cost estimate is $5,435,000. Whether the DWSRF grant portion of the project can be increased, to reflect the new cost estimate, is currently under review

A referendum concerning the project will take place on May 17, 2011

PDF OF Proposed Water Main Ext.

1/19/2011 CTDPH Correspondence

Presentation "Extension of Water To Aljen Heights" 5/29/2009 (2.9 Mb)
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