Planning & Development Information - 83 Inchcliff

*Document Library: 83 Inchcliff

*Please note that these documents are for information only; the complete, official records are available at Town Hall, Town of Ledyard, 741 Colonel Ledyard Hwy., Ledyard, CT 06339

October 19, 2011 Memorandum of Decision - Superior Court
Zoning Commission Public Hearing Minutes (Ap 3327, 3328)
Zoning Commission Final Decision (Ap 3327, 3328)
Revised Affordable Housing Plan (posted 8/10/2010
Requested Change Checklist (posted 8/10/2010)
Planning Commission Referral Letter (posted 7/22/2010)
Application Cover Letter (4/26/2010
Zoning Application
Site Plan Application
Affordable Housing Plan
Text Amendment
Site Plan Drawing
IWWC Minutes 3_16_10
IWWC Minutes 3_21_06
LHHD Septic Approval 9/22/06
Misc Background Info
9/7/09 Gorham Letter Attachment
Info added 5/26/2010
Assessor's Property Card
Coen Letter dated 4/28/2010
Deed- Borsher to Coen
Map 173
Map 75D
Planning Commission Minute 9/2/64
Planning Commission Minute 12/2/64
2006 Wetlands Application
IWWC Application 3/14/06
IWWC Agenda 3/16/06
Engineer's Comments
Letter To Applicant
List of Abutters
LLHD to IWWC 9/22/06
IWWC Minutes 3/21/06
Notice of Decision

Schafer to IWWC 3/20/06

Misc Documents (5/27/2010)
Flood Plain (5/2006)
Citation of Similar Variances
Test Pit Data
Title Search 8/25/2006
ZBA Application 2006
ZBA Minutes 4/19/2006
ZBA Minutes 5/16/2006
ZBA Agenda 5/21/08
ZBA Agenda 6/18/08
North Stonington Minutes 12-13-07