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Last Updated:10/21/2014
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The Town has been notified that our application has been approved. We will work over the next weeks to complete the paper work and agreements necessary to implement the loan program. This could take some time and it is likely that the program won't be up and running until early next year.

We want to be fair to everyone and the people who submitted pre-applications that were included with the grant application will be the first to be asked to complete full applications. We are not sure how far the money will go; but, if you would still like to submit a pre-application, it will at least get you on the waiting list.

Thank you to everyone who added their support to our application.

Program Pamphlet
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Draft Program Pamplet (PDF);
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Public Hearing; March 29, 2011 @ 6:30 PM; Council Chambers
Public Hearing Notice

2011 Proposed CDBG Small Cities Program

The Town of Ledyard is preparing an application for funding to the CT. Department of Economic Development under the Small Cities Community Development Block Grant Program. A major goal of the program is to assist low and moderate income people and the Town is considering establishing a town-wide housing rehabilitation loan program. The Town is working with L Wagner & Associates to assist with the program application and program administration.

The initial impetus for the program application was an identified need to assist with the repair of failing septic systems and this has been suggested as a program priority. However, eligible repairs include the correction of health and safety violations, septic system repairs, code compliance, weatherization, energy conservation  measures, lead paint remediation, and general home improvements such as roofing, carpentry, doors and windows, electrical, plumbing, heating, and other non-luxury work subject to approval of the Town.

To be eligible under the proposed program households must meet established income guidelines. Currently, a family of four's household income can not exceed $64,400. A more complete discription of the program and its requirements is contained in a draft pamphlet available here.

This program can provide significant benefits to Ledyard residents. To be successful in apply for funds, we must clearly identify a community need. This is best done by establishing a "waiting list" of potential applicants. If you think that you would like to apply to the program or know of some one who might be interested, please complete the "prliminary appliction" on line, here, or download the form, here, and return it to: Planning Office; Town of Ledyard; 741 Colonel Ledyard Hwy; Ledyard, Ct 06339.

Questions or comments: planner@ledyardct.org; 860.464.3215

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