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Ledyard Assessor's Cards
Subase New London JLUS
Community Facilities Plan (7/01
Town Center Proposal 2014
Wastewater Facilities Plan
Information related to Aljen Heights Water Main Extension
2015 CDBG Small Cities Program
Ledyard Census Data
Proposed Road Improvement Program
2013 CIP Info •CIP Spreadsheet
2014 CIP Info
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Historic Properties & Info
2013 CDBG Small Cities Ap.
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Ledyard Cemetaries (Draft)
Subdivision (HTML) (8/9/2012)
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Road Ordinance (PDF 5.8 Mb)
Draft Housing Plan (PDF 2.5 Mb)
• Link to CGS Chapter 126 (Planning)
• Link to CGS Chapter 124 (Zoning)
• Regulatory Rewrite Committee Documents for 6/23/2010 Meeting
POCD (10/16/05) (PDF 7.2 MB)
New Zoning Regulations (HTML)
Ledgelight Fee Schedule
POCD Update Files

Planning & Zoning Comm. Meetings

• P & Z Com. Meeting 9/14/17
• P & Z Com. Meeting 8/10/17
• P & Z Com. Meeting 7/13/17
• P & Z Com. Meeting 6/8/17
P & Z Com. Meeting 4/13/17
P & Z Com. Meeting 3/9/17
P & Z Com. Meeting 2/9/17
P & Z Com. Meeting 1/12/17
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2017 P&Z Meeting Schedule
Town of Ledyard
LedyardFresh - Farming in Ledyard
Documents Related To Zoning Applications-83 Inchcliffe Drive
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Free Split Application
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Subdivision Application Packet
Sudvision Application
Subdivision/Resub Checklist
Bond Release Checklist
Subdivision Log
Bond Log
Curb Cut Permit
Free Split/Boundary/Merger Log
Road As-Builts

Economic Development
Route 12 - Main Street Investment Application
2012 STEAP Application
Town Hall Concept Plan
Ledyard Vision Workshop (7/27/2011)
Sale of Former Gales Ferry School Property (1.89± Acres) (4/4/2011)
2011 Vibrant Cities Application
2014 STEAP Ap (Streetscape)
Bluff Point To Prospect Trail
2016 & 2015 STEAP Application
2017 STEAP Application
Draft Survey
2017 Transit-Oriented Dev. Ap.

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